13 December 2018

Supportive advice and funding from Zero Waste Scotland for circular economy and resource efficiency

Zero Waste Scotland is Scotland’s circular economy expert

Is your business looking to explore new ways of doing business that help preserve the value of resources?

Then Zero Waste Scotland may be able to help.

Zero Waste Scotland is Scotland’s circular economy expert. As an alternative to the traditional linear economy - where we make, use and dispose - the circular economy is the idea that we maximise resources for as long as possible then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life. 

In order to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy approach, Zero Waste Scotland partners with the private and public sector, to identify and develop circular economy opportunities.

Zero Waste Scotland provides support for Scottish SMEs which are developing products or services to cut waste and reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions, all of which are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  This support comes in the form of:

Circular Economy Business Support Service
If you have a good ‘circular’ business idea but need help to develop it, get in touch with our business support service. Whether you’re looking at moving towards leasing products instead of just selling them, incentivising product return for refurbishment, designing products for longer life or developing products from the materials left over from other processes – we can help, with up to 30 days of consultancy support to help you develop your idea and open doors to the partnerships you need to succeed. Click here for more information and eligibility details.

Circular Economy Investment Fund
We can also provide funding for your business to pilot new circular economy business ideas. The Circular Economy Investment Fund is an £18 million fund to support small to medium sized enterprises and non-profit organisations. To be eligible your project needs to explore markets for new circular economy products, develop and adopt innovative business models for new circular economy products and services or develop and enable the uptake of innovative technologies, products and services to support a circular economy. Click here for more information and eligibility details.

Resource Efficient Scotland Programme
If you want to save your business serious sums every year by reducing your bills for energy, water and waste, get in touch with the Resource Efficient Scotland team. We can offer small to medium enterprises advice and support, a free bespoke energy audit for your premises, access to loans and funding in addition to a host of training and tools which are available to all businesses. Find out more at www.resourceefficientscotland.com

The Waste Prevention Implementation Fund
The Waste Prevention Implementation Fund provides grants and support towards the physical implementation of waste prevention measures. Small to medium-sized enterprises can apply for funding, with grants of up to £100,000 available. With up to 100% funding of the capital cost available (subject to State Aid / De Minimis Regulations), it is focused on raw materials savings, carbon savings and reducing waste at source. Find out more here.